A complete guide about Fire Emblem Heroes hack

This game is getting more and more popularity under the Fire Emblem banner. It is very popular game at the present time and it is released for Android and iOS systems thus you do not need to have any of those consoles which play other games of Fire Emblem. Just same as other games in the applicable series, Heroes concentrates on mechanics based on strategic turn. Your heroes from the game universe and take on the trials and you can utilize all the possible Fire Emblem Heroes hack cheats, tips, guide and cheats available online.

Summon your properties and heroes

You can without any difficulty summon heroes with the help of Orbs. You can also select the hero’s property that is generally represented throughout colors such as Gray, Blue, Green and Red. Once you do summon heroes, as well as once summoning heroes. You must have enough Orbs before you do thus as the more you summon, the inexpensive it turns. Generally, you summon a hero with just five Orbs and it goes less to 4 on the further one and below to 3 on the 5th summon.

In conditions of properties, it is meaning such as a scissor, paper mechanic and rock. The color Red is best next to the Green that is effective against Blue that is active next to the Red. The property of Gray is somewhat in the central where it is like the impartial one as it is not effective but resilient to any specific property. Each and every hero has their own property. A Red color hero can get more harm from a Blue color based weapon or attack.

Form your team

You can without any difficulty form a team of heroes that goes back to once you prepare heroes, you must have a perfect balance. Have powerful heroes with different kinds of roles and colors to fulfill. You must have a team which is well managed. Have powerful heroes that can on the fault and heroes which can treat as supports thus that you can last for long time in fight.

Training Tower, Arena Duels and Special Maps

Special Maps are released after some time period, those are the areas where you can without any difficulty get Heroes if you finish the game’s map. The trouble of the map completely depends on the hero that you are planning to take. Low charged heroes have simpler maps and the greater ones are obviously harder.

If talking about the Training Tower is a wonderful place to chore your Heroes. You can easily run different type of levels of the tower to get and offer your party members, shards, money and some others. Then lastly doing the Duel Arenas permit you to perform PVP games next to some other parties of players from the whole world.

Tips for battle

Once making move of your heroes, it is good to click on the icon of hero and move to the level you with to move.

Why you should hack Star Wars Force Arena

Create your own way into ruling the empire of one of the most popular strategic games called Star Wars Force Arena. If you want to achieve all of this you only have to get the latest hack programm of Star Wars Force Arena and become one of the top without spending any money, because the hack programm you can download here is for free!

Last year Supercell released their newest game called Star Wars Force Arena. This is now their third game, the other ones are Clash of Clans and Hay Day. Clash of Clans and Star Wars Force Arena have very much in common, because both are strategy games. In these games you have to build a base with all the buildings within that are necessary for your base. You also have to gather resources by using two ways, one way is by searching them and the second way is through attack. Star Wars Force Arena made a great effort to improve it as a game in comparison to for example Clash of Clans. The reason why is very simple: They have enhanced the gameplay.

It is a game that you can download without paying for it, but that doesn’t mean that Supercell, the developer of Star Wars Force Arena, is not earning money by releasing the game. Basically, the developer of the game is making tons of money, because they utilise what we call in-app-purchases. In fact, they offer the game for free with a big ‘but’ and that is that if you want to improve faster, you can buy additional elixers, gems, gold, wood, iron and so on. It is a short cut, but you have to pay for it. This is a big advantage for those who don’t want to farm or search resources and can afford it to buy diamonds. For those who can’t afford to buy these things, it is not something that has to demotivate you, because  it doesn’t have any effect on you in the process of winning or losing raids. The developer thought very good about this aspect, because they want the people with good strategies to become one of the top leaderboards and not the ones who pay to win.

”Since now you even don’t have to pay to get diamonds. We have developed an unique, underground SECRET hack tool that instantly powers your Star Wars Force Arena account with unlimited diamonds”

The picture you see above is a screenshot that we have taken of our latest star wars force arena hack version that is up to date. Star Wars Force Arena Hack V1.3 is multiple times tested by different hack authorities to make sure that our hack is not only effective, but is also available for different mobile devices. We made the hack also easy-to-use for our clients, because now you can run the hacker on the background. This is possible since you don’t need other resources of your mobile devices to use the hack like the way it was before this version came out. The changes we described above have a visible effect on devices that are running on the new versions Android and Apple have. The biggest benefit you people by using this version (V1.3) is that the speed of generating wood, iron, stone, gold and diamonds has increased very much. First you had to wait for 15 minutes, now you only have to wait 3-5 minutes. This had been made possible by a new algorythm that has been created and injected in our new hack!


How to get free diamonds and coins in Tap Titans 2

  1. Companions Hacks

After the user buys and upgrades the companions, they may need to change their computer settings to get more coins to progress to higher stages.  If you are using a smartphone or tablet, it is important to switch off auto screen lock and charge the device to full battery. This ensures that the game is played without any technical problems. Meanwhile, the user can play the game by using the companions to fight regular monsters. This approach can help the user gain extra tap titans 2 free diamonds and coins to unlock the next game stage.

  1. Use special powers for defeating the bosses

In order to get to the higher stages as soon as possible, it is imperative to get to the boss battle. To get to the boss battle, the user can play using their special powers. If the user does not have special powers in the game, they can return to the stage when super skills are available. Boss battles can be easier to win by tapping a fairy to get the bonus.

  1. Improve the skills and goodies by upgrading companions

Many users are not able to get base damage from the companions they take. Therefore, it is important to constantly buy new updates for the companions to get the required skills and goodies to reach the next stage. These extra skills help the users gain more bonuses that improve their score when they start collecting more coins at the later stages of the game.

  1. Invest in companions

One of the most important Tap Titans 2 hacks is to buy companions for reaching higher stages in the game.  Users are able to buy companions after they have progresses to stage 15 in the game. Users can find it helpful to initially buy the expensive companions. The expensive companions are beneficial for damage per second. Additionally, companions can be easily upgraded to give extra tap damage to the user.

  1. Save points for extra tap damage

Many users can benefit from extra tap damage when playing the game.  Therefore, it is important to save cash, before investing in tap damage. When the user buys tap damage, they can get extra bonus. Extra bonus helps a user defeat more bosses and stay away from the monsters in the game. You may aswell find some useful tips at the tap titans 2 wikia

  1. Improve tap damage

It is important to invest in tap damage for a greater possibility of winning. Damage is the first category that shows the two swords. In order to move to the next stage, the user needs to upgrade the tap damage. This Tap Titans 2 hack lets the user progress till the stage 15. Many game experts recommend that after a certain stage, other things may need to be considered apart from tap damage.

SimCity BuildIt: The First Free To Play SimCity for Mobile Platform

This is not actually the first mobile version of SimCity as Electronic Arts already released city-building simulation game way back on 2010 with SimCity Deluxe for iOS and Android. But consider SimCity BuildIt as the first free to play version of SimCity titles for mobile. Actually this is a good decision for EA, knowing of most successful apps on iTunes and Google Play are for free download. There are actually lots of well-financed application that you can play but since they come as paid app, they easily outranked with free apps that everyone can play without restriction. That is why as you notice even big companies in gaming industry are developing free games under their personal interest.

simcity image

If you are going to analyze the situation, why you should pay for the game you wish to play if you can download same or cloned apps for free. Yeah, that is another reason, because it is pretty easy to clone mobile apps, there is no big impact if you are going to release paid app, as for sure there will be company out there, soon they will release their free version of the popular paid apps. So instead making everyone to pay for it, why not share it for free and then just offer in-app purchase for those who are willing to spend money on game or play it seriously.

When it comes to free apps, one thing that developers must do, and this is too to eliminate every cheat that players can do since this will hinder player to make a purchase from premium boost. For instance, instead of purchasing additional energy, they will only cheat using different gaming tool and trainers. And that is what actually we are planning to do. We are the challenge for EA as they need to keep their game clean and free from bugs and simcity buildit astuces.

I believe that we are not the only one who are very excited for the release of SimCity BuildIt. So don’t forget to bookmark our website for more guides, cheats, and updates regarding with this app.

Clash Royale Tips and Intro

Looking for a game that you won’t find yourself bored playing it? Search no more, Clash Royale is the perfect game for you.

Clach Royale is a game developed and published by Supercell. Elements are combined by the game from Collectible card games, tower defense, and multiplayer online battle arena.

clash royale cheats

The ranking of the players is based on level and arena. There are thirteen levels in the game, going from a level to the next requires experience, and experience could be gained by upgrading or donating cards (experience gained from donating is based on the card type), completing achievements, or upgrades that are listed at time of upgrade. Also there are nine arenas, here are the arenas and the trophies required for each one:

  • Training Camp (tutorial)
  • Goblin Stadium (0+)
  • Bone Pit (400+)
  • Barbarian Bowl (800+)
  • P.E.K.K.A’s playhouse (1100+)
  • Spell Valley (1400+)
  • Builder’s Workshop (1700+)
  • Royal Arena (2000+)
  • Legendary Arena (3000+)

In Clash Royale, to win, the player must destroy more towers than his opponent, or by destroying his opponent King’s Tower. At the start of the game each one of the player is given four cards from a deck of eight card selected by the player, these card are used to both attack and defend. A player must have elixir that refills over time. Once the player plays a card, another card is added to the hand.

As mentioned before, the increase of levels is done by upgrading or donating cards. Clash Royale is freemium game that offers its player the possibility to get free clash royale gems and gold in the play shop with real money.

If a player plays a multiplayer game and wins, he or she wins a Chest that takes time to be unlocked. There are not just one kind of chest, there are silver chests that takes 3 hours to unlock, gold chests take 8 hours, giant chests take 12 hours, magical chests also take 12 hours, and Super Magical chests take 24 hours. To speed up the unlocking process, a player could use Gems. The maximum of chests that could be held by the player at one time is four chests. Also chests consist of gems, gold, and cards so when the player has a number of a troop’s cards, they can use it to boost damage and health points

Happy news! Free chests are given to the player at certain time intervals. Speaking of free stuff, once every day the player has the chance to win 10 Crowns that will help him to win the Crown Chest. Wohooo!

Clans could be formed by players who may be engage in friendly battles. The result of the battles does not affect trophies and chests. Those friendly battles could be used for tournaments.

Here are 5 Clash Royale cheats to win battles:

1. Manage your battle deck in a way it combines both high and low Elixir troops.

2. Average Elixir Cost, a good deck should be between 3.8 and 4.4, anything higher or lower doesn’t have enough power.

3. DON’T attack first! Wait for the Elixir bar to fill up, see what card is coming next, decide which troops you want to use, then fight. There is no need for rush

4. Go on the defense. Getting attacked is better than wasting two archers to just slow your opponent.

5. Watch where you arrange troops or buildings, It’s a strategy game, so be strategic.

Have fun with this amazing game!