How to get free diamonds and coins in Tap Titans 2

  1. Companions Hacks

After the user buys and upgrades the companions, they may need to change their computer settings to get more coins to progress to higher stages.  If you are using a smartphone or tablet, it is important to switch off auto screen lock and charge the device to full battery. This ensures that the game is played without any technical problems. Meanwhile, the user can play the game by using the companions to fight regular monsters. This approach can help the user gain extra tap titans 2 free diamonds and coins to unlock the next game stage.

  1. Use special powers for defeating the bosses

In order to get to the higher stages as soon as possible, it is imperative to get to the boss battle. To get to the boss battle, the user can play using their special powers. If the user does not have special powers in the game, they can return to the stage when super skills are available. Boss battles can be easier to win by tapping a fairy to get the bonus.

  1. Improve the skills and goodies by upgrading companions

Many users are not able to get base damage from the companions they take. Therefore, it is important to constantly buy new updates for the companions to get the required skills and goodies to reach the next stage. These extra skills help the users gain more bonuses that improve their score when they start collecting more coins at the later stages of the game.

  1. Invest in companions

One of the most important Tap Titans 2 hacks is to buy companions for reaching higher stages in the game.  Users are able to buy companions after they have progresses to stage 15 in the game. Users can find it helpful to initially buy the expensive companions. The expensive companions are beneficial for damage per second. Additionally, companions can be easily upgraded to give extra tap damage to the user.

  1. Save points for extra tap damage

Many users can benefit from extra tap damage when playing the game.  Therefore, it is important to save cash, before investing in tap damage. When the user buys tap damage, they can get extra bonus. Extra bonus helps a user defeat more bosses and stay away from the monsters in the game. You may aswell find some useful tips at the tap titans 2 wikia

  1. Improve tap damage

It is important to invest in tap damage for a greater possibility of winning. Damage is the first category that shows the two swords. In order to move to the next stage, the user needs to upgrade the tap damage. This Tap Titans 2 hack lets the user progress till the stage 15. Many game experts recommend that after a certain stage, other things may need to be considered apart from tap damage.

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